Available courses

Indiana McKinney Vento Resources and Supports

  • Moderator: Mandi Bielanski
  • Moderator: Michelle Clarke
  • Moderator: Whitney Coake
  • Moderator: Elise Locke

Indiana District-Level McKinney-Vento Basic Certification

  • Coordinator: Courtney Bearsch
  • Coordinator: Mandi Bielanski
  • Coordinator: Michelle Clarke
  • Coordinator: Whitney Coake
  • Coordinator: Christina Endres
  • Coordinator: Courtney Hott
  • Coordinator: Elise Locke

Student, School and Family Engagement Community

  • Moderator: Sarah Bunner
  • Moderator: Michelle Clarke
  • Moderator: Courtney Hott
  • Moderator: Jason Murrey
  • Moderator: Kelsey Peaper
  • Moderator: Joan Smith
  • Moderator: Jessica Yoder

Trauma and Resiliency Lessons for Educators

  • Teacher: Jason Murrey

Alternative Education Community

  • Moderator: Flora Jones
  • Moderator: Elise Locke
  • Moderator: Kimb Stewart

Human Trafficking 201: Refresher on Red Flags & Updates on Legislation

  • Teacher: Joan Smith

Human Trafficking and Indiana Youth

  • Teacher: Kenneth Allen
  • Teacher: Robin Donaldson
  • Teacher: Joan Smith

Human Trafficking: Explanation and Use of Screening Tool for Educators

  • Teacher: Joan Smith

Human Trafficking: Psychological Impacts

  • Teacher: Joan Smith

Schoolwide Remediation Plans

  • Teacher: Michelle Clarke