This module includes videos and documentation that describe the Accommodations section in Indiana IEP. The page was updated in August of 2019 to drive the discussion of accommodation first to meet a student's needs in the classroom every day. The selected daily accommodations then drive the options available for the various state assessments. Accommodations aligned to the chosen daily assessments are displayed for the Case Conference Committee to discuss and select. Once complete this page should display both accommodations for daily use and those available for the student on the state assessment.

The state assessment accommodations are then reported to the Department of Education: Office of Student Assessment and made available to students during the assessment process.

To complete this course, view the content in each section and pass the Accommodations Check for Understanding.

Sections to Complete:

  1. IIEP Accommodations
  2. Additional Resources
  3. Accommodations Check for Understanding
  4. Completion Certificate


Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Select a student’s participation in the appropriate statewide or alternate assessment with or without accommodations;
  • Specify daily accommodations and statewide assessment accommodations; and
  • Review the accommodations page to ensure the intended accommodations for both are selected.

Target Audience

Special Education Coordinators, Special Education Teachers, Speech/Language Pathologists, Related Service Providers



Estimated Completion Time

1 hrs

PGP Points