Streaming Video Not Working

Streaming Video Not Working

by Don Gilroy -
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Videos used on this Moodle site are created in Flash Video format (.flv). If everything is running normally, you should see smooth, clear video. However, there are a number of things which can prevent video from getting to your computer from our server. You should ask your technology coordinator about some of these items:

1 - Is Flash Video being blocked on your network?

Some organizations do not allow streaming video to get inside their network because they don't want their users viewing video for one reason or another. Is there any way around this? Perhaps, but you'll have to ask your tech person for assistance.

2 - The video stops and starts -- how annoying!

This is a sure sign of three major things;
1). You didn't read the directions and you're trying to watch the videos over a dial-up Internet connection. You can do this but you have to click the play button, let it connect, then click the pause button. Wait several minutes and some of the video will "cache" on your computer. You can then watch what was cached. Monitor the cache by looking at the timeline at the bottom of the video - you'll see a faint line appear and progressively move from left to right as more video caches.
2). There are too many people around the world using our video server at the same time.
3). There are too many people on your computer network and the video information simply can not get through fast enough.