Using email address as username doesn't work.

Using email address as username doesn't work.

by Don Gilroy -
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Q. When I was given information to access the IDOE moodle server, the coordinator told me my username would be my email address and my password would be changeme. I tried it and it doesn't work.

A. A couple of possible solutions...

1-Your account has not yet been set up by the IDOE coordinator.

2-You provided an email address that you no longer use. Try using an older or different email address.

3-Your email address has a dash "-" in it. Moodle accounts can not have a dash therefore when your account was created, any dashes in the "using your email address as a username" were removed. Example: would have a login of

4-Perhaps your information was somehow lost. A quick email to can confirm the existence of your account and you can have your password reset if necessary.

5-You forgot your password. You can always use the link on the main moodle page that reads "Lost Password". Clicking this link will initiate the password reset process. An email will be sent to you to confirm your identity. Of course, if the email address in your Moodle account is incorrect or missing, you won't get far. In that case, email for help.